The goal of the project is to specify factors determining economic activity and to determine which variables have impact on the fact of being employed, unemployed or economically inactive. The second aim of the project is to establish the determinants of wages and salaries. The broad analysis of joint relations and causes of mentioned dependencies allows to present interesting, academic outcomes but may also become a valuable contribution for decision-making process in the micro and macro level.

Principal investigator: Maciej Ryczkowski, PhD 

Publications in English:

Ręklewski, M. & Ryczkowski, M. (2016). The Polish Regional Labour Market Welfare Indicator And Its Links To Other Well-being Measures. Comparative Economic Research, 19(3), 113-132, DOI: 10.1515/cer-2016-0023.

Ryczkowski, M. (2015). Effects of Being in an Occupation - Is ISCO 1 Digit Classification Enough to Model Wages in Poland, PrzeglÄ…d Statystyczny, LXII (3), pp. 321-344.


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