Institute of Economic Research is an independent think tank involved in research and popularization of the results of scientific research in the field of economics.

The statutory aims of the Institute are:

  1. promoting and supporting the socio-economic development of Poland;

  2. Increasing economic awareness of the society and spreading economic culture in the Polish society;

  3. Supporting the conditions for the development of Economics and promoting achievements of economists in Poland and abroad;

  4. Supporting professional development of  economists;

  5. Promoting integration and cooperation between academic economists and business.

The Institute's work is focused on supporting scientific research by activities of scientific publishing house, collaboration in the publication of three scientific journals in Economics (Equilibrium. Quarterly Journal of Economics and Economic Policy, Oeconomia Copernicana and Cattalaxy) realization of research projects and organization of scientific conferences. In pursuing its objectives, the Institute collaborates with Polish and foreign universities and research centers.


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