Road traffic modelling based on the hybrid modelling tool AnyLogic




AnyLogic, model, simulation, traffic, agent


The increasing complexity of modelled systems opens up questions of combining several modelling approaches in order to achieve higher efficiency and the required clarity of the simulations performed. For this reason, in addition to standard application-oriented modelling tools, we can see the growing popularity of the so-called hybrid or multimethod modelling approaches. A typical representative of such a modelling environment is the AnyLogic general-purpose modelling tool. This article describes the authors' experience with this tool in solving a selected problem in the field of modelling transport processes in urban areas. Using the example of the uncontrolled selected intersection, the procedure of creating a model with a more detailed analysis of its selected parts is discussed. The model based on real conditions is elaborated and compared with the model containing the fictitious traffic light control. Comparison is based on measuring the time that vehicles moving in the critical direction spend in the model. Both discussed models are stored in the cloud and may be run and study free.


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