International comparison of the relevant variables in the chosen bankruptcy models used in the risk management

  • Katarina Zvarikova University of Zilina
  • Erika Spuchlakova University of Zilina
  • Gabriela Sopkova University of Economics in Bratislava


Research background: It does not matter if the company is operating in the domestic or in the international environment; its failure has serious impact on its environment. Because of this fact it is not surprising that not only owners of the companies, but also another interested groups are focused on the prediction of the company´s financial health.

Purpose of the article: The first studies concerned with this issue are dating back to 1930 but from this time a hundreds of bankruptcy prediction models have been constructed all over the world. Some of them are known world-wide and some of them are known only on the national level. Many researchers share their opinion, that it is not appropriate to use foreign models in the domestic conditions non-critically, because they were constructed in the different conditions. One of the main problems are used variables.

Methods: We mention three studies which were focused on the used variables in the bankruptcy prediction models. Our comparative study was concerning with 42 models constructed in the seven chosen transit economics with the aim to realize which variables are relevant and which could be reduce from the bankruptcy prediction models. We focused only on the used variables and abstracted from the used methodology, the date of their construction or the model´s power of relevancy.

Findings and Value added: The result of our comparative study is the identification of 20 variables, which were used in three or more prediction models, so we assume that these variables have the best prediction ability in the condition of transit economics and their application should be consider in the construction of new models.

Mar 31, 2017
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Zvarikova, K., Spuchlakova, E., & Sopkova, G. (2017). International comparison of the relevant variables in the chosen bankruptcy models used in the risk management. Oeconomia Copernicana, 8(1), 143-155. doi:10.24136/oc.v8i1.10