The research on COVID-19 and economy from 2019 to 2020: analysis from the perspective of bibliometrics




COVID-19, economy, bibliometrics


Research background: The outbreak and spread of COVID-19 brought disastrous influences to the development of human society, especially the development of economy.

Purpose of the article: Considering that knowing about the situations of the existing studies about COVID-19 and economy is not only helpful to understand the research progress and the connections between COVID-19 and economy, but also provides effective suggestions for fighting against COVID-19 and protecting economy, this paper analyzes the existing studies on COVID-19 and economy from the perspective of bibliometrics.

Methods: Firstly, the discussion starts from the statistical analysis, in which the basic distributions of the studies on different countries/regions, different publication sources, different publication years, etc., are presented. Then, the paper shows the cooperation situations of the researchers from analyzing the related citation networks, co-citation networks and cooperation networks. Further, the theme analysis of the related studies is presented, in which the related co-occurrence networks are shown, and then the detailed analyses of the studies are introduced. Based on these analyses, the discussions about future research are presented, and finally we draw a conclusion.

Findings & value added: The analyses not only present the basic situation on the research about COVID-19 and Economy, but also show the future research trends, which can provide meaningful research expectations.


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