Fault diagnosis of sensors in the control system of a steam turbine


  • Mariusz Pawlak Lodz University of Technology
  • Janusz Buchta Lodz University of Technology
  • Andrzej Oziemski Lodz University of Technology




diagnostic, turbine, control system, neural networks


A diagnostic and control system for a turbine is presented. The influence of the turbine controller on regulation processes in the power system is described. Measured quantities have been characterized and methods for detecting errors have been determined. The paper presents the application of fuzzy neural networks (fuzzy-NNs) for diagnosing sensor faults in the control systems of a steam turbine. The structure of the fuzzy-NN model and the model?s method of learning, based on measurement data, are presented. Fuzzy-NNs are used to detect faults procedures. The fuzzy-NN models are created and verified.


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