Measurements of heterogeneous heat streams permeating through damage to refrigerated bodies


  • Tomasz Rochatka Poznan University of Technology



heat bridge, heat flux density, refrigerated body, thermography


This paper presents a description of the author's method of determining the heat flux penetrating the partition on the basis of a thermographic image. The method is based on a comparison of the temperatures of two areas, one of which is a heat-loaded area with a known heat flux (measured in this case by means of a heating box) and the other control area that was not heat-loaded. Based on preliminary tests, a "calibration" of the method based on differential measurements was carried out using a thermographic camera. Two areas were observed with a thermographic camera, one of which was thermally loaded with various heat fluxes and temperature increases were observed using a thermographic camera in relation to the surface temperature of an identical reference plate but not thermally loaded. As a result of "calibration", a relationship arose that linked the temperature difference with a registered thermographic camera to the heat flux measured with the heating box. The new method was validated by making subsequent series of measurements, this time with models of heat bridges that most often occur in refrigerated bodies and after determining the heat flux, the calculated values were compared with the results of measurements with a heating box.


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