Walmart Inc. in light of COVID-19 pandemic: the financial assessment




Walmart Inc., finance, retail, sales, COVID-19


Motivation: The pandemic's trajectory is challenging to be forecast. The COVID-19 pandemic modifications can cause the growth of infected people. Furthermore, the defined financial activity resulting from additional lockdowns may have a meaningful contrary impact on aggregate demand. The paper can motivate further study and examination in the field of financial indicators of the Walmart Inc. and other inspiring research.

Aim: The research regards the selected Walmart's financial indicators during the COVID-19 pandemic. The aim of the paper is the assessment of the financial situation of the Walmart Inc. as an American multinational retail corporation in light of COVID-19.

Materials and methods: The paper is using of statistical, dynamics, comparative, documentation analysis.

Results: The discussion shows that the multinational corporation within the retail sector succeeded in the research period. Walmart implemented the suitable mechanisms, solutions, and actions that mitigated the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and, in consequence, positioned the world pioneer in multinational corporation retail in the leading rank against the rest of the entities competing in that diversified market.


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