Strategies for Pivoting Enterprises in the Post-covid Time


  • Grażyna Golik-Górecka University of Lodz
  • Piotr Komorowski VELG Group



process pivots, pyramid pivot, trajectory pivot, implementation of pivots


In the conditions of now even heightened uncertainty, companies' strategies need to be verified. In order to quickly redefine and adapt a new strategy to the changing market conditions, it is necessary to implement new solutions and business models along with pivots. The enterprise of tomorrow is the one that starts today. So in order to be or become this enterprise of tomorrow, the level of its digitization and many of the processes carried out must be raised. The aim of the article is to present pivots and possible changes to the pivots of Innovative Business Models and their implementation. The research method that will be used is the analysis of case studies - how companies should recover from the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, what they can do, how they should  function, so that they can continue to grow faster. S. Umiński in Forum-Marketera + in the article Marketing A.D.2030 (Forum2021) stated that we took over from the world of start-ups the concept of pivot, i.e. a strategic shift and redefinition of the business model. It should be more and more often used in large corporations that so far pride themselves on using the -agile- methodology in various implementations. In this article, practical examples (case studies) of a Polish and foreign company will be presented - identification of redefining the strategy and implementation of pivots together with better results of further development of these companies. Examples of companies are Velg Group and Shopify, in which pivots were implemented, which emphasizes the practical approach of the co-author of the article. The research questions refer to what types of pivots and they are implemented, which will be presented based on the example of the above-mentioned case studies.


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