Innovations in individual urban transport systems

  • Marika Jamrozik Cracow University of Technology
  • Piotr Kisielewski DKP System sp. z o.o.
Keywords: urban, innovations, transport system


In this paper innovative urban individual transport systems have been discussed. The results of the survey conducted on a group of 250 people, of which the largest part were residents of the city in the youngest age group 18-24 shows that knowledge about modern forms of transport and the possible willingness to use them, is not at a high level. The reason is the attachment of society to material goods and lack of awareness about the benefits that the user gains, but also the inhabitants in the aspect of improving the quality of life in the city. The future of transport belongs to systems that are focused on the lack of belonging and sharing economy. The concluded analysis proves that the systems functioning in the States are profitable and convenient for the residents, and the companies constantly develop their offer by expanding with modern solutions and facilities. In Poland, the change of residents habits regarding the forms of mobility will occur with the increase of popularity of modern systems, and this can be obtained by emphasizing the promotion in means of transport, at bus stops, and in the media. Forecasts indicate a steadily growing market value of innovative urban transport systems, which will improve the standard of living in crowded cities.


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