Concept of high mobility wheelchair with hydrostatic drive system

  • Karol Cieślik Military University of Technology
  • Marian Janusz Łopatka Military University of Technology
  • Arkadiusz Rubiec Military University of Technology
  • Kacper Spadło Military University of Technology
Keywords: concept, hydrostatic drive system, wheelchair


The article presents the concept of a high mobility wheelchair with a hydrostatic drive system .It presents existing solutions of manually driven wheelchair and external powered solutions. It was proposed original drive system, suspension system and turning system unheard in wheelchairs. It was analyzed the distribution of required components. On this basis there was created dynamic model. It was subjected to tests determining the driver's comfort and the load on the structure. The strength analysis of the proposed structure was carried out. As the result, it was created an innovative concept of the high mobility wheelchair capable to moving everywhere where other people can do.


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