Indicators of engine performance with direct fuel injection to the combustion chamber

  • Dawid Drabik Opole University of Technology
  • Krzysztof Prażnowski Opole University of Technology
Keywords: spark-ignition engines, direct fuel injection, engine operation parameters


Spark-ignition engines are becoming very popular among consumers. It is mainly caused by using direct fuel injection, which increases the overall efficiency of the engine. Those positive effects were described by engine manufactures. This article presents some of the indicators of engine performance with direct fuel injection. It also describes the results of engine tests and characterizes performance of an engine.The idea of direct fuel injection is still being refined. Not only it is used in hybrid engines to supply fuel, but also in changing compression ratio in a combustion chamber. Ecological aspects are one of the most crucial when it comes to engine construction and each engine project must consider lowering its negative effects on the environment. In this article the comparison of fuel consumption and emission of harmful substances was presented.


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