Specifications and key testing problems road safety

  • Andrzej Szymanek Kazimierz Pulaski University of Technology and Humanities in Radom
Keywords: road safet, accidents, safety research, traffic management system, real estate management


Road traffic can be interpreted as a phenomenon of great complexity, which is not subject to simple laws, and it is often possible to observe paradoxes that contradict intuition or common sense. Road safety is the system property of road transport. Road accidents are an important public health problem. The statistics show that the risk of injury is about 30 times higher in road traffic than in industry. The study of road accidents should be one of the priorities in the field of social research. The paper describes the specificity of road safety as a research object. In particular, attention was paid to theoretical, methodological and research aspects. The key problem of road safety research, which was once included in the reports of the World Bank and OECD, was synthetically discussed.


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