Assessment of the safety of transport system operation at the bearing of municipal services

  • Piotr Bojar PWSZ in Piła
  • Robert Znaczko Remondis sp.z.o.o.
  • Wiktoria Znaczko Gdańsk University of Technology
Keywords: transport system, transport safety, municipal services company, municipal waste management, safety research, adverse events, accident, driver's work


The working conditions of drivers have a direct impact on the safety of the tasks being performed. It is particularly noticeable in urban areas with increased traffic and certain limitations resulting from the condition of the infrastructure. Among the factors causing changes in drivers' behavior are the anthropotechnical factors resulting from the actions of people in the vehicle and its surroundings, external ones resulting from the impact of weather conditions as well as the condition of the infrastructure and work resulting from the operation of the means of transport. The paper attempts to identify and assess the impact of external and antropotechnical factors on the security of the transport process.


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