25 years of the Municipal Transportation Board in Gdynia


  • Olgierd Wyszomirski University of Gdansk




urban transport, transport services, development of transport services


Twenty five years ago, the Municipal Transportation Board in Gdynia (ZKM) was launched. As part of the process of changes in the transport service of Gdynia and neighboring municipalities, a unit was created to organize public transport. A specialized urban transport organizer has been set up to improve the quality of public transport services. During the 25 years of operation of ZKM, the level of quality of service has been improved significantly, adjusting the transport offer to the demand and transportation preferences of inhabitants, learned through systematic representative marketing research. Trolleybus transport has been modernized, thanks to trolleybuses having an energy storage tank. Transport services within the network of ZKM are carried out by operators owned by the City of Gdynia and competing private entities. Before ZKM there are challenges related to the constantly increasing expectations of the inhabitants in terms of quality of service and the changing conditions of their service in the situation of strong development of motorization and implementation of the policy of sustainable urban transport development. The article presents the tasks and scope of activities of ZKM, bus, midibus, microbus and trolleybus transport organized by ZKM, operators contracted by ZKM, supervision and regulation of traffic in the transport network of ZKM, transport service of mass events by ZKM, marketing research conducted by ZKM, customer service by ZKM, quality evaluation of ZKM services and future challenges standing ahead of this unit.


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