Analysis of working time in a transport enterprise in the light of existing regulations

  • Piotr Gorzelańczyk Stanisław Staszic University of Applied Sciences in Piła
  • Karolina Głów Stanisław Staszic University of Applied Sciences in Piła
Keywords: working time, transport company


Driver's working time is an indispensable element of road transport. The article will discuss legal regulations for the drivers' working time and the possibility of registering this time by appropriate recording devices. Based on the data provided by the company, the number and amount of penalties imposed on individual drivers in a given period of time will be analyzed. The following article will also provide examples of how to effectively reduce or even eliminate the number of offenses committed. Discussing this topic will serve to understand how important in the field of transport is the working time of drivers and how much responsibility is put on a driver performing a transport operation.


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