Safety of the ship structure and installations powered by LNG fuels in relation to the Bureau Veritas rules and IGF Code requirements

  • Jakub Stachów Bureau Veritas Poland
Keywords: IGF Code, LNG Fuel, MARPOL Annex VI


The article presents generally selected issues regarding the safety of ship structures, fuel containment systems, processing and preparation of LNG liquefied gas as fuel for marine propulsion systems and generating sets, in relation to certain requirements of the IGF Code and the provisions of the classification society Bureau Veritas rules. The publication presents the fundamental criteria and assumptions of the IGF Code, which may be taken into account when creating the concept and design of units powered by LNG fuel, also considering the limits of air pollution emissions from ships defined in Annex VI of the MARPOL Convention.


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Banaszek A., Łosiewicz Z., Jurczak W.`, Corrosion influance on safety of hydraulic pipelines installed on decks of contemporary product and chemical tankers, Polish Maritime Research nr 2 (98)/2018 Vol.25 ISSN 1233-2585, str.71-77

Bureau Veritas: Materiały niepublikowane Bureau Vertas.

Kodeks IGF MSC/95/22

Przepisy Bureau Veritas NR 481 w 2002 r .: Projektowanie i instalacja silników dwupaliwowych przy użyciu gazu o niskim ci-śnieniu (zaktualizowany w 2007 r.)

Przepisy Bureau Veritas NR 529 w 2007 r .: Zasady bezpieczeństwa dotyczące instalacji silników napędzanych gazem na statkach (zaktualizowano w styczniu 2017 r.).

Załacznik VI Konwencji MARPOL