Factors affecting safety of handling ultra large container vessels in Port of Gdańsk

  • Jan Pawelski Maritime University of Gdynia
  • Wiesław Piotrzkowski Maritime Office of Gdynia
  • Henryk Śniegocki Maritime University of Gdynia
  • Przemysław Wilczyński Maritime University of Gdynia
Keywords: Gdańsk, container ship, shiphandling


Paper discussed important factors affecting handling of ULCS (ultra large container ships) in Port of Gdańsk. In recent years more such vessels had been calling Gdańsk, including new generation o ULCS called Triple-E launched by Maersk. Studies conducted in Maritime University confirmed feasibility of safe handling of such large vessels but pointed to several factors needed to be taken under consideration to provide required safety level for ship handling operations. Author analysed factors responsible for safe handling ULCs in Gdańsk.


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