The determination of the parameters of wheelchair driving with the use of a test bench

  • Mateusz Kukla Poznan University of Technology
  • Bartosz Wieczorek Poznan University of Technology
  • Łukasz Warguła Poznan University of Technology
  • Jan Górecki Poznan University of Technology
Keywords: biomechanics of movement, manual propulsion, wheelchair, tests and measurements


The article presents the aspects related to the preparation and performance of the bio-mechanics tests on the man-wheelchair system during its manual driving. The testing methodology is discussed in detail, including the test stand structure and the measurement system outline. The selected results of the tests and measurements carried out are presented in this work. They referred to the determination of the course of movement, speed and acceleration of the wheelchair-man system driven manually by means of sequences. In addition, the system mass was determined in a continuous manner during each experiment. Such a set of results, at the final stage of works, was analysed and evaluated in terms of quality.


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