The influence of hydrogen addition for exhaust gas emission in SI gas engine

  • Karol Grab-Rogaliński Czestochowa University of Technology
Keywords: SI engine, hydrogen, methane, emisisons


One of the major problems in internal combustion engines is emission of pollutants with exhaust gases. Those pollutants are not only harmful for environment but also for humans. To decrease emission of pollutants many mechanical and chemical methods are used in internal combustion engines especially in exhaust system such as TWC, DPF, SCR. Alternative way for decrease in exhaust gas pollutants is use of alternative fuel as a primary energy carrier or as an additional fuel for base hydrocarbon one. In this studies the hydrogen was used as a additional fuel to methane. Both fuels were delivered to intake manifold. The share of the fuel was 100/0 methane/hydrogen and 70/30 methane/hydrogen. The addition of hydrogen to base fuel shown decrease of exhaust pollutants from engine and increase in engine operating parameters.


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