Basic characteristics of networks with self-similar traffic simulation

  • Marek Aleksander State University of Applied Sciences in Nowy Sącz
  • Roman Odarchenko Academic Dept of Telecommunication Systems, National Aviation University in Kyiv
  • Sergiy Gnatyuk Academic Dept of Telecommunication Systems, National Aviation University in Kyiv
  • Tadeusz Kantor State University of Applied Sciences in Nowy Sącz
Keywords: traffic, network traffic models, fractal Brownian motion, self-similiarity, RMD-alhorythm


This paper is devoted to simulations the networks with self-similar traffic. The self-similarity in the stochastic process is identified by calculation of the Herst parameter value. Based on the results, received from the experimental research of network performance, we may conclude that the observed traffic in real-time mode is self-similar by its nature. Given results may be used for the further investigation of network traffic and work on the existing models of network traffic (particularly for new networks concepts like IoT, WSN, BYOD etc) from viewpoint of its cybersecurity. Furthermore, the adequacy of the description of real is achieved by complexifying the models, combining several models and integration of new parameters. Accordingly, for more complex models, there are higher computing abilities needed or longer time for the generation of traffic realization..


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