Energy comparative analysis of power units for use in light aircraft

  • Michał Kuźniar Rzeszow University of Technology
Keywords: hybrid propulsion, fuel cell, light aircraft, motor glider, energy contained in fuel, energy density


In reference to the research conducted on environmentally friendly sources of propulsion for aircrafts, there was carried out an energetic comparative analysis for power units using various power sources. For this analysis, the AOS-71 glider airframe was used. The calculations were done for different variants: a combustion engine, an electrical engine, a hybrid combustion engine and a hybrid engine with a hydrogen cell. The research was based on the assumption of the same aircraft take-off weight of 660 kg. The energy accumulated on board was determined, and then the duration and range for each type of propulsion for two flight trajectories. The results were present-ed in diagrams and discussed in the conclusions.


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